Valerian Root

This is a new one for me! I’ve never tried Valerian Root on its own before and I’m excited to make a tea with it!

Valeriana officinalis boasts strong relaxing properties that may help ease tension, calm the nerves, relax smooth muscles, relieve anxiety, slow the heart rate and support a good night’s sleep. It’s name comes from the Latin valere, which translates as “to be well” or “to be strong.”

It has been shown to have certain ingredients —compounds called valepotriates and valeric acid — that bind to the same brain receptors as the anti-anxiety drug diazepam (Valium). But it doesn’t appear to cause the same side effects as diazepam; there’s no grogginess or dependency. Plus, not “hangover” feeling.

Our Experience

The smell is very potent! Immediately my nose wrinkles and I turn away. The boys definitely don’t like it. They both did their yuck face and stuck their tongue out. It’s like a sweaty sock smell. I asked if they wanted to try it and they both immediately said NO! After brewed into a tea (our favorite way of consuming herbs) though, the smell doesn’t have as strong of a smell and they weren’t as reluctant.

The taste is a little more subtle and bearable. We all had a sip and we weren’t disappointed. I feel like if I was to blend it with a more palatable herb, it’ll taste better. I do like an earthy taste to my teas though!

The Feeling is smooth. After about 10 minutes of my first sip of Valerian Root Tea, I could feel my mind relaxing and my body just following suit. Definitely a stress reliever for me.

Chew some Valerian root and get more exercise.

“Fight Club” movie — 1999

With all of these great properties, it is important to take caution while taking Valerian. As it is important with every herb you consume, you must make sure you do your research and ask a naturopath doctor if you aren’t sure if it’s right for you.

I am not a doctor, I am an herbalist, and I can only give you info based on my experience and others experiences. Every experience isn’t the same. Every person is different.

If you’d enjoy learning more about Valerian Root and other herbs or if you’d like to become a certified herbalist, check out The Herbal Academy!

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