What is an Herbalist?

When you hear the word “herbalist”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? That term can mean so many different things to different people. Simply put, an herbalist is someone who studies herbalism or herbology. They work, experiment, and study plants (as well as fungi, lichens and algae) to support health and wellness of the body.

Herbalists have been trained in the fitting disciplines such as herb use, herb identification, growing and foraging, transforming plants into various preparations/concoctions and how to administer those creations.

Herbalists can be many different things! Farmers, seed starters, plant keepers, foragers, wildcrafters, tea makers, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, midwives, doulas, maybe even your grandma, and more! They’re everywhere, though not always described as an herbalist.  While there are quite a variety of herbalists everywhere, the common love and respect for life, especially the relationship between plants and humans, unites them.

“Herbalists have been helping people use herbs for thousands of years. In modern times, herbalism is considered a complementary or alternative modality. Herbalists have a profound connection to plants and, as such, the Earth around them. They also serve as stewards, taking responsibility to protect and conserve the plants that support us and the land on which they grow.”

Why I chose to become an Herbalist

When I was younger, using plants and things from nature was a form of “playing house”. I was the mom and I had to take care of my “family”. Even if they were just plastic dolls or stuffed animals. If I was playing with other kids, it was even more fun. Especially if they really did try my concoctions.

My favorite thing to do was to cut open the stems of dandelions and apply the juices on my booboos. I wasn’t sure of the benefits then, but I did see how well it helped just from using my instincts.

I didn’t follow any interest in more than that as I began to grow older and follow other interests. I didn’t even realize utilizing plants was an interest to pursue. Then came FFA.

Future Farmers of America changed my like for nature and its benefits to love. I became passionate about learning about everything our teacher taught us. I worked my way up to chaplain of our team and went on many field trips to learn more. I grew my interest through dendrology and competitions. Learning about all of that and winning a ribbon here or there became a huge part of me.

After high school, I didn’t think at all that I’d work with plants or trees like that again. I put it aside and decided to pursue other things. Like becoming married and starting a family for instance.

Then came the studies of pharmaceutical medicine. I started my journey of becoming a pharmacist when I was pregnant with our firstborn child. I was determined to work in the medicine field and help others with their ailments. The only thing was, it was allopathic. I studied as much as I could and then came time for baby. I stopped my studies and lost the progress I had made. That was the end of becoming a pharmacist for me.

Back then, I felt like a failure. Now I look back and see that God was looking out for me and He knew what would be in my future. Allopathic medicine was not it.

Over the next years, I had many endeavors. I’m not going to list them here, but let’s just say that I took to anything that I could see myself doing. If the opportunity came my way and made great promise, I grabbed on to it. Many of those endeavors served my life for the time they were meant to, but not many of them stuck. The only thing that really stuck and is still relevant is that I enjoy helping people. I enjoy helping other people discover their best selves.

I also enjoyed helping my family stay healthy and avoid the doctors. I was always looking for ways to help my children with their ailments before making a trip to see the doctor. I realized that every time we had went to the doctor, we’d come back sick and contagious. Every time the boys would get their shots, they’d be different kids. So I began to research more.

As I was researching the Thanksgiving of 2019, I came across a company that had some intriguing products that were clean and used herbs. They were saying that these would take care of my family naturally and without all of the harmful ingredients I had studied about before when I started to pursue becoming a pharmacist.

I became excited, though judgmental, about the products. There are so many companies out there that claim to have good clean products and the products turned out not to be. Greenwashed is what they were. But I ordered some deodorant and an herbal energy tincture anyway. Just to try.

When I got my products in, they served me so well. I ordered more for our family and those served our family well. I signed on as an affiliate immediately with Earthley Wellness.

While earning commission through the affiliate program as an “Earthologist”, I began learning more and more about herbs. I was SO captivated by learning and experiencing what I learned firsthand. I began utilizing my knowledge with my family and helping them with their ailments. Things just kept getting better.

I began searching for how to broaden my knowledge become an herbalist and I wanted to get certified. I found and amazing course through The Herbal Academy! I am working through a course offered there and I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to be certified to call myself an herbalist.

Herbal Academy Courses

I work with herbs, study herbs, research herbal uses, experiment with herbs, grow herbs, and apply my knowledge personally! I love the creation that God made just for us, HIs children, to enjoy. He gave us this earth to use and glorify Him with. That is my goal. To connect myself and my family with the benefits of the earth that God has given us. This makes me an herbalist.

I am excited to pursue this and as I look back over the years, I can see that everything I’ve given my time to has lead me to this. God has blessed me with this amazing path and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Are you an herbalist? Do you want to pursue your endeavor of becoming a certified herbalist? What are your goals for herbalism?

May God Bless You!

Until next time,

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